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Mad World

November 20, 2006

Chicago’s main alternative rock station has been bombarded with requests for the song “Mad World”, a remix of the Tears For Fears song featured in the commercial for X-Box 360’s Gears of War. The song was certainly an interesting choice for a war game, and I’m curious why the song had such a strong connection with viewers.


A Wolf in Penguin’s Clothing?

November 16, 2006

I have to disagree with the stellar KC folk over at American Copywriter on their recent dismay at the tie-in Happy Feet has with the Flu Facts website. Sure, it might seem a bit too much to partner with Roche on a site promoting flu shots for kids. But I don’t think encouraging flu shots is a bad thing, and I think this is a wisely placed media target.


November 1, 2006


As The Economist noted in an article on Chicago earlier this year, the city’s growth is attributed to increased Hispanic immigration. AT&T’s ubiquitous deathstar ad campaign is one of many out-of-home spots featured in Spanish.