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Score on more for the Davids

December 14, 2006

Today I’m in Argo Tea Cafe, which has 5 Chicagoland locations. They offer free refills, though it’s not widely publicized. Last time a Starbucks barista gave someone a free refill, Howard Schultz had their legs broken.


Davids & Goliaths

December 13, 2006

Chicago has one of the highest urban concentrations of Starbucks, and I never thought many mom & pop or traditional places could survive. I myself love their coffee (black, no frills). Dunkin’ Donuts is planning more expansion into Chicago with it’s newer focus on coffee promotion. But there are a growing number of traditional coffee and tea shops in Chicago, and business is good. I’m sitting in one right now, on a leather couch, Radiohead is playing,  on free wi-fi, and art for sale is hanging on exposed brick walls. It’s extremely spacious and chill. Sure the coffee isn’t quite as good…but it’s still a B+. How funny that there’s actually room in this market–while Starbucks focuses on branded entertainment, and Dunkin airs commercials mocking their “French/Italian” drink sizes.


The Prophecy of AT&T

December 7, 2006

Saw some web chatter on the prophetic commercials AT&T made in 1993, predicting various technologies that would become available. While AT&T produced none of them (hah!), they’re still fun to watch. Since I have a steel trap memory and watched too much TV as a kid, I actually remember one or two of the spots. I would also like to point out that some of the features in Total Recall have been realized; let’s hope that none of the ones from Minority Report do the same.